Personal Growth

 I work with individuals, students of all ages, and parents to meet different kinds of personal challenges with creativity and insight.

I firmly believe that each individual has a unique combination of talents and strengths. My work, then, is to discover and nurture those positive attributes through individualized private sessions.

My  practice often has compatible aspects with academic and career issues. Sometimes addressing emotional, relationship, and behavioral issues has an overarching effect in other areas of a person's life.

I help my clients overcome guilt or shame so they are free to explore creative options for managing a problem in a practical way.  I use the creative process to stimulate life changes or enhancement.

Next we work on creative ways in which to deal with any impediments, and move on to identifying specific issues. I always look forward to this stage; it often generates enthusiasm and thinking a bit out of the box.

After a self-determined number of sessions, my clients and I are often impressed by the kinds of positive changes. Please see some of the testimonials  on this website.

Confidence and self-image

Discovering talents and strengths to build upon

Interpersonal dynamics

Learning to develop  effective communication 

Family relations

Building stronger emotional connections

Blame-free parenting

Developing blame-free solutions to parenting

On-the-job challenges

Dealing with career enhancement and change