Students of any age have talents to build upon and strengths to develop. In addition to working with students and parents at all grade levels to discover and nurture those talents and strengths, I strive to empower the student by developing a personal academic plan that incorporates his or her own competencies and individual learning styles.

I create solution-based strategies to address underachievement and identify impediments to learning. With older students as well as with parents of younger children, I create measureable goals that go well beyond the letter grade. Based on my work with children including master level tutoring at the community college level, teaching students of all ages and all abilities how to study effectively is a top priority.

I have come to realize that the individual needs of students often fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, with testing and time pressures, schools have less time and fewer resources available to focus on the individual needs of students. My services provide unique, individualized programs to suit the specific needs of each student. I believe each person has a distinctive combination of strengths in the learning process, and a more individualized and creative approach is often more valuable than a standard one.


Learning to love to learn

Making the love of learning an integral part of life

Planning within a curriculum

Developing a personal academic plan at any grade level


Individualized learning approaches

Focusing on competencies and individual learning styles


Identify/remedy challenges

Creating solution-based strategies in addressing underachievement and challenging material

Creating effective goals

Counseling to identify impediments to learning; creating and measuring goals


Parent/student/teachers dialogue

Strengthening parent–student–teacher communication


Develop study strategies

Exploring individualized study strategies for academic success