The college search and application process does not have to be overwhelming. I work with pre-college and college students to help them identify and achieve their college goals and with any student on developing their career goals, through individualized private sessions.

That work includes discovering the right college, major and career choice. I am certified guidance counselor in Indiana and am up to date on the latest admissions requirements. I work to demystify the college selection process, identify the "best" college choices and assist with the college applications and essay development.

I also assist in cultivating college-level study skills, exploring majors and career paths, facilitating networking and internships and building flexibility into career choices. Again, I take a very individualized approach. It is not one size fits all by any means. 

There are so many fantastic colleges and opportunities out there that are so often overlooked because students and parents don't know where to look.


Demystifying the college process

Demystifying the college selection process


Choose the right school

Identifying "best" college choices and making the most
out of a college visit


College visits

Developing a personal academic plan at any grade level



Assisting with college applications and essay development





Admission interviews

Strategizing for the admissions interview


College level study skills

Cultivating college-level study skills


Majors and career paths

Exploring majors and career paths; facilitating networking and internships; building flexibility into career choices