The Wow Factor

Excerpted from a recent local talk

Much of my professional work involves helping people find their voices and connecting those voices to the spark that stirs and excites their souls.   I recently demonstrated this concept with one of my favorite study tools –an ordinary index card.

I asked the members of the audience to grab any of the colored pencils, markers, or crayons placed before them and to mark an “o” of any size somewhere on the card. Next, write a “w” on one side of the “o.”  Finally, draw another “w” on the other side of the “o”.

That’s right, it’s “wow”. Make no mistake– this little syllable can really pack a punch.  Just think about it:

Wow, I accomplished so much.
Wow, I have a come a long way.
Wow, I was afraid but I did it anyway.

But these days, wow has lost its magic. We often use wow carelessly–

Oh yeah, that’s a wow.
Wow, that is cute.
That’s a long line, wow.

Wow can stand in for boredom, sarcasm, or for when we just can’t think of a better, more descriptive word.  We can always rely on “wow.”

But “wow” has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  “Wow, that was a spectacular sunset.”

The challenge for many of us so distracted and busy “being busy” is that we miss out on the moments or opportunities that can bring us genuine joy. I encourage you to search for the wow moments in your lives – to really feel the “wow.”

Remind yourself each day to look for the wow, to seek out and recognize excitement, magic and curiosity.  It will be worth it.

Display that “wow” index card that you’ve created.  Tape it to your bathroom mirror, stick it in your wallet, or put it on the night table next to your bed.

Discover the power of wow.  Wow is waiting for you.

Iris Karas